Warrior Goddess Workshop:

Unleash Your Feminine Fire!

When: SATURDAY, February 24th from 6:00-9:00 PM CST​
Where: Lizard Yoga 2919 Menchaca Rd #104, Austin, TX 78704

Align with your goals, blast through any blocks in your way and liberate
your body with this powerful breath and movement workshop

Are you feeling blocked, stagnant, heavy or maybe fearful and anxious about daily life? Are you feeling the overwhelm of the daily obligations and pressures of attempting to be superwoman? Are you doing "all the right things" and still feeling depleted and drained, unable to get it all done? 

This workshop can create radical shifts, clear more space in your mind and body, bring back peace and super charge your purpose. This powerful experience combines imagery and goal alignment with somatic breath and movement to clear blocks and embody your future self now. 

This is a supportive safe space for women to be held by and with other women. We are all powerful as individuals but we are a force when we come together. Come join this powerful experience today!

Warrior Goddess Workshop:
Unleash Your Feminine Fire!
Live:  $60 Now $49
Virtual: (coming soon)

Discover the Power of Feminine Co-Creation

Reclaim yourself and ignite your magnitude

Imagine waking up every day with purpose, energy and focus. Imagine being in complete peace in knowing what you are meant to do, feeling you have enough time, enough mental and emotional bandwidth and space for yourself, your needs in addition to those you care for. Imagine freely and consistently prioritizing self care without guilt or shame and being even more energized and present with the ones you love. Imagine being free of the judgements and expectations others and the world have on you as a woman, mother, partner, entrepreneur. 

This workshop is a platform to truly embrace, connect and learn what it is to truly be in our feminine power. This workshop is designed to promote and support all the ways we can deepen our connection with ourselves and continue to both hold ourselves as we reach greater heights of our capabilities. Being a woman is a gift, a superpower, we simply need to harness it.

This is a space to show up as you are, no hats, facades, posturing of who you "should" be. Come as you are, be with other women, be held and supported in love, freedom and space of the feminine. Harness your power in the strength and support of others like you.


Here’s what People are say

Jessica K.

"This workshop super charged my energy and brought a deeper sense of connection to myself"

Susan M.

"I never experienced a release like that. This workshop was truly life changing. I was amazing to be in a room supported by other women."

Nellia G.

"I have done other breathwork type classes and was never able to go as deep as this one. The space Magdalyne held was truly safe, I felt completely supported and held."

Our Warrior Goddesses

Meet the Experts Behind WGC

Meg Foley, MS
​Performance Coach

Magdalen Rae Foley
​Certified Yoga Instructor

Meg and Mags combine forces in this unique approach to breath work, movement and goal achievement. Magdalen brings a background in yoga, meditation and energy healing. Meg brings a varied background in performance psychology, resilience, and breath science. The combination takes breath work and yoga to a whole new level. The pairing brings a level of full spectrum to both push your limits towards your goals as well as clearing space and releasing any blocks that stand in your way. Students experience huge release, major ah-ahs and leave feeling clear and even charged for action in their lives. 

The Inspiration Behind The Warrior Goddess Collective

How Brandy's Personal Journey Sparked a Movement

Once upon a time, Brandy was superwoman. She wore all the hats, achieved all the daily demands, on the surface was "keeping it all together", the model of good wife, mom, career woman. However, in side she was suffering, losing herself, falling apart. She didn't know what or why this was happening. After all, she was "doing all the right things"- eating well, exercising, mediating, etc.
Yet nothing was working and her system was crashing.  

Brandy felt lost and alone. Who could she tell about this? According to modern medicine she was fine. According to her friends she was superwoman, the one the modeled after. Brandy felt down the rabbit hole and struggled to reclaim her mind and body. It took years to educate and cultivate the solution that worked for her and many other woman like her. This is experience is at the heart of how the Warrior Goddess Collective was born. Brandy and our co-founders are here to support and guide women to thrive, to feel supported and have clarity in navigating how to truly be your own superwoman in an uplifting and sustainable way. 

The content and strategies offered at WGC are designed to stretch across the many roles we take on as women, from wife, to athlete, to mom, to career badass. We live what we teach and seek to provide the best, latest, most efficient and effective content, research and technology. Time and space are in high demand for us women so let's maximize every ounce! Our purpose is to truly know how to tune to ourselves first and foremost, receive the needs of our body and also of our intuition. Then to be able to tune to the needs of others that we support.

We also understand the need for more support and connection amongst women, many of which do not have the means, resources or access to take the first step. Part of our mission is to pay it forward and through our abundance and contributions received we will set a portion aside to provide to organizations focused on supporting women and individual women in need.

Having a community of women to connect with is something we are all seeking and asking for and now it is finally here. We finally have the ability to be with, learn from, hold and be held by each other as we navigate our journeys into true warrior goddesses. To this we say “I see you.”

Come Join the Warrior Goddess Revolution

Warrior Goddess Workshop:
Unleash Your Feminine Fire!
Live: $85 Now $49
Virtual:  (Coming Soon)

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